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Our lamps are designed and manufactured in our factory in Naples, Florida and shipped nationwide.

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Made in the USA

All lamps on our website are designed and made in our Naples Florida factory. When you order a lamp from Naples Lamp Factory it is made for you and shipped out to you promptly.

Free Shipping

Naples Lamp Factory offers free shipping from our factory to your home throughout the contiguous United States.

Lamp Styles

At Naples Lamp Factory we sell great looking lamps in up to date styles at direct to you low prices. We can also make custom changes to our lamps including adjusting the height and custom colors. You can contact us with any request.

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Today there are so many lamps to choose from that it may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Lamps and lighting are an integral part of a room with the type of lighting desired being the most important factor.

Our company has been fabricating lamps for over 25 years, firstly selling to furniture, lighting and specialty gift shops throughout the United States. We have also produced lamps for the hospitality industry including large international hotels and businesses.

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Lamps Made in the USA

We are one of only a few lamp manufacturers left in the United States. Our family owned company takes pride in using American made parts whenever possible. Many of the lamps that you see on the internet are made in China or other countries. Several years ago there was lots of large lamp manufacturing companies in the United States, however most of them are now out of business or are producing their items elsewhere.

Fabricating the lamps ourselves gives us the opportunity to make slight changes such as the height of a lamp, taller or shorter if requested, as well as custom colors.  We make each lamp as ordered, not mass produced. We are proud to have Lamps made in the USA.

Recently we have started an e-commerce site selling to you, the public. All of our products are designed in our Naples Florida factory. We research items that we believe will be of interest to our customers and then incorporate them into our lamps. A good example is our Turtle Table Lamps. We found the turtle figurines and designed a lamp with turtles on it!

Best Quality Lamps Naples Florida

We have a great variety of coastal and nautical lamps. If you are decorating a room or a whole house in a nautical or coastal theme, you won’t be disappointed at our great selection. We have a beautiful Mermaid Table Lamp, as well as  Coral Table Lamps that are a substantial size, and finished popular colors. We also have a beautiful conch shell and a several more styles. If you’re shopping for affordable lamps be sure to visit our site.

Are you an avid golfer, or enjoy watching the game? Our Golfer Lamp is the perfect lamp for you. Our Gentleman Golfer Lamp is the best-looking golfer around. Hand painted in a rich bronze with gold highlights it’s a great lamp for a desk or bureau. Check out our Golfer Lamp today.

Our newest collection is contemporary lamps painted in several colors. These lamps are made of glass that is very heavy and some are quite tall. We buy them as vases and convert them into lamps. They are large lamps and would be perfect for a living area. As we paint the lamps we can finish most of them in custom colors if you contact us.

If you’re shopping for lamps on-line please check out all of our selections on our site at: