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Mermaid Myths & Legends

Mermaids are mythical creatures that have sparked curiosity for thousands of years in countries all over the world. Throughout the ages there have been many myths and legends about mermaids and what they symbolize. Usually mermaids are depicted as  beautiful maidens with a human head and body, and a fish’s tail from below the waist. With a varied history, stories are as changeable as the sea itself. In some cultures the mermaid signifies life and fertility within the ocean, while in others she controls the destructive nature of the sea.

In sailor folklore, mermaids represent both good and bad fortune. Spending many months sailing across vast oceans, it is understandable that stories of  strange figures controlling the unpredictable weather were recounted over the years. Between the 16th and 20th centuries mermaids were often carved as a decoration on the figurehead at the bow of the ship. Many other decorations had been used, but sailors preferred the mermaid as they believed she could appease the sea, ensuring good weather and a safe way back to land.

Mermaids Today

Today, mermaids are very popular with both young and old. This is evident in everything from toys to books to home decor. Some are whimsical while others are statuesque.

Here at Naples Lamp Factory we have a beautiful mermaid table lamp. The lamp is 34″ tall and is very elegant. Our mermaid lamp is painted in two different finishes. One finish has an ivory background and her tail is painted in a light pearl green.  Her hair is highlighted with gold and the little sea creatures on the base are finished in gold and coppery accents.

The other finish on our mermaid table lamp is a rich antique bronze sheen. Her tail and hair are highlighted in gold as well as the sea creatures on the base. Both lamps come with an ivory lampshade and a matching shell-shaped finial.

We also can make the mermaid table lamp as a table torchiere. It is 31″ tall with an opaque glass globe and an on/off switch on the base.

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