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When choosing a lamp for your home there are many factors to be considered such as

How much light do you need?

What type of light do you need, is it task lighting or ambiance lighting?

What is the look you’re going after and what is your budget?

At Naples Lamp Factory we carry a wide array of lamps for your home all made in the USA in our factory in Naples Florida. We have been designing and making lamps for over 30 years, keeping up with the current trends and all at affordable prices. Because we make our lamps we can make small custom changes for you such as height of a lamp or the color of lamp.

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As we are located in Florida which has more golf courses than any other state, it was a given that we have a golfer lamp in our line. Regardless of where you reside or play golf, our golfer lamp is perfect for anyone who plays the game or enjoys watching it.

The Naples Lamp Factory golfer lamp is an elegant gentleman golfer. He is standing in the typical golfer pose, leaning on his club, legs crossed! He is hand painted in a dark walnut with antique gold highlights and mounted on a square metal base. We offer two lampshades for our golfer lamp; a round 16” diameter ivory cotton fabric lampshade, or a tall slim 12” gold shantung silk lampshade. The larger shade would be good in an area where the light will spread out, while the 12” shade is more suited to a smaller office or den. Of course it’s a personal choice so whatever works for you.

If you love our golfer but don’t need a lamp, we sell our golfer separately as a figurine.

Please take a moment to explore our website to see our golfer lamp and many, many more interesting lamps. If you have any questions we would consider it a pleasure to help you.

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