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Nautical Lamps

Choosing a Lamp Style
Today there so many lamps to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Lamps and lighting are an integral part of a room with the type of lighting desired being the most important factor.
Here at Naples Lamp Factory we have been making table lamps and floor lamps for over 30 years. Our lamps are designed and made in the USA in our factory in Naples, Florida. All of our unique lamps can be seen on our web-site.
If you are interested in decorating in a nautical theme, we have many great lamps that work well in this genre. A nautical themed room can be a pleasant reminder of time spent on the water or a desire to do so in the future. Of course, many just favor this style of decorating as it is usually defined by casual and comfortable furnishings and accessories. Regardless of where you reside a nautical themed space can be attained with a little work and creativity.

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There are many table and floor lamps that would great in a nautical styled room. The word nautical refers to anything regarding ships or boats or anything to do with the sea. Keeping this in mind, there are many styles of lamps to use in a nautical space.
A popular nautical lamp is our turtle table lamps with two turtles “swimming” on the pole of the lamp. This lamp is made of metal with the turtles made of poly resin and painted in a high sheen. The bases on these lamps come on several colors to match your home’s palette. These whimsical lamps would be great in a nautical or beachy styled space.
Naples Lamp Factory also have a very authentic colored brown pelican table lamp. The colors on this figurine are identical to the pelican we see on our piers and beaches, with bright yellow on the top of it’s head and a large bill.
Another lamp in our collection is the elusive white pelican table lamp. It is a striking lamp with white feathers with dark wing tips, and bright orange colored bills. This lamp would truly be an excellent choice in a nautical themed room and a great conversation piece. If you don’t need a lamp our pelican statues can be bought separately and make a good accessory piece in your home.
Included in our nautical lamp section is an anchor table lamp; made of cast iron and mounted on a metal base. With several finishes available this is an awesome lamp in a nautically inspired room.
The most popular lamp we sell is the Mermaid table lamp. It is a large elegant lamp that comes in two finishes. This lamp would be perfect in a room decorated in a nautical or coastal style.

Where to buy Nautical Lamps

With the popularity of nautical lamps and coastal lamps, there are so many on the market to choose from. It can be a tiresome task to visit many stores looking for what you desire. There are also lots of on-line shops on the internet where you can browse for lamps from anywhere you happen to be at any time. When you are perusing the internet remember to keep the sizes of the lamps as well as the light that you need in mind.
When shopping on-line, you can spend as much time as you want, comparing different lamps and checking for affordable prices. A lot of on-line shops offer free shipping and this can be a great savings. If you have any questions, you can contact the seller to get more information.