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From time to time we look around our home and it’s lacking the appeal it once had, or we’re just tired of the same things. While it’s not always feasible to change furniture etcetera, a simple solution to give a new look to your house can be achieved by changing your accessories and lighting. Adding new lamps in your home is a simple way to update the look of your home.

When choosing lamps for your home, lamps that will provide you with the light you need is very important. It is a good way to transform your home with new interesting lamps. Lamps that are whimsical or unusual will give a refreshed look in your space. If you have a coastal, beachy or eclectic decor, a mermaid lamp can be a good choice and a good conversation piece when you have guests in your home.

At we have a beautiful Mermaid Table Lamp. This is a great looking lamp that is a good size suited for a living room or bedroom. We finish our Mermaid Table Lamp in two very different colors. One is painted in pastels with an ivory bisque background and pearl green painted tail, gold and copper is brushed on the base that is teeming with sea life. The other finish we do is a a rich bronze color with gold accents. Both mermaid table lamps are available with a fabric lampshade or as a table torchiere with an opaque glass globe.

There are lots of lamps available online to fit every budget and style. Have a look at our site at We have more than just mermaid lamps so if they are not your thing, check the may more styles we have and our prices are very affordable.