Different Lamp Styles to Adorn your Interiors

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The primary reason for lamps and lighting in a home is to illuminate a space. Lamps also increase the aesthetic appeal of your rooms and there are many different styles to choose from. As important as the style of a lamp, is  the function you need it to perform.  Do you need a lamp for reading or working by, or just general light? Where are you placing the lamps, end tables, nightstands etc?

When it comes to style, more elegant lamps may be suitable in a formal living room, and more casual lamps in an everyday living space such as a family room or den. Another room where lighting is is important is the bedroom. If you like to read in bed, good lighting is a must. Usually lamps on nightstands are those we read by. Based on the height of your nightstand, your lamp should be an adequate height (28″ to 34″  is a good average).

Lamps can also be used to match different  themes in your home.  For example, a mermaid table  lamp would be great for those who want a coastal vibe. Off course you don’t have to have a coastal or beach themed room to choose a mermaid table lamp. There are lots of coastal lamps on market today, from mermaids to turtle lamps to pelican table lamps. Some are whimsical while others are more elegant.

If coastal table lamps are not your style, there are many varieties other varieties of lamps to chooses from, such as contemporary table lamps, traditional table lamps as well as floor lamps.

When it comes to the style of lamps, buy what you like. Many think that lamps in a room must match, and that’s okay but not a rule. Mix and match is fine, however the lamps should have some common elements, such as height or lampshades or color. An accent lamp can add a little variety to your space.

Whether you are looking for a single lamp or a whole roomful, think about what you need and you’ll make the right decision.

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