Shopping for Lamps on the Internet

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Today more than ever people are shopping on the internet for everything from groceries to furniture. During this worrisome time in our world, many choose to stay at home and order on-line versus going to stores. You can get everything you could possibly want without leaving the comfort of your home.

Shopping on the internet can be challenging with so many web-sites. It is important to shop around for the best prices, selection, etc.

Having a web-site myself selling lamps, I often check out the competition, although our designs are unique to us as we manufacture our lamps.

This brings me to an example of why it’s important check around on the internet. We sell a great looking gentleman golfer lamp therefore I like to see what’s available that is similar to our lamp. Recently I saw four different sites selling the same golfer lamp (not our lamp).  What was shocking to me was the prices. They ranged from $272.00 to a whopping $639.00. This is ludicrous for the same item.

Another important thing you should look for on the internet, is the size of the item. Again due to my interest in lamps, I often see a nice looking lamp but when I click on it, the size is not what I expected. They are usually shorter and this was not evident in the picture.